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June 2011 Bookings/Gig Schedule
(the gig schedule will return to it's usual look soon -- sorry for the ugliness!)
Fri-Jun-10: CHIVA (Afro-Colombian urban-latin-jazz) @ Metro Convention Centre, T.O.
Sat-Jun-11: BROWNMAN & DJ CUTLER (DJ+HORN) @ The Bend, Buffalo
Sun-Jun-12: A FUNK SUPREME feat. Eric Crittenden (Coltrane funk Tribute) @ DBGB, Buffalo  ($10)
Mon-Jun-13: SPONTANEITY: A NEW YORK STATE OF MIND @ A.G.O., Toronto  ($30, sold out!)
Thr-Jun-16 to Sun-Jun-19: Various dates in NYC
Fri-Jun-17: BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO @ Trane Studio, Toronto  ($free)
Mon-Jun-20: JOHN CHEESMAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA @ The Rex, Toronto  ($7)
Wed-Jun-22: SPECIAL GUEST w/ CARMEN SPADA JR. @ Poetry Jazz Cafe, Toronto  ($free)
--> TD Toronto Jazz Festival gigs below
Fri-Jun-24: BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO @ Pero Lounge, Toronto  ($5)
Sat-Jun-25: ARECIBO (new latin-jazz quartet) @ Trane Studio, Toronto  ($10)
Sun-Jun-26: BROWNMAN AKOUSTIC TRIO @ Gate 403 (5-8pm), Toronto  ($5)
Sun-Jun-26: Brenda Carol & CLAIRVOYANCE @ Hot House Cafe (8-11pm), T.O.
Mon-Jun-27: Brenda Carol & CLAIRVOYANCE @ Hot House Cafe (8-11pm), T.O.
Tue-Jun-28: Brenda Carol & CLAIRVOYANCE @ Hot House Cafe (8-11pm), T.O.
Wed-Jun-29: Brenda Carol & CLAIRVOYANCE @ Hot House Cafe (8-11pm), T.O.
Thr-Jun-30: ALI BROS @ Poetry Jazz Cafe, Toronto  ($free)
Fri-Jul-01: NINJA FUNK ORCHESTRA & ELECTRYC NINJA TRIO @ Trane Studio  ($10/15)
(Don't miss this Canada Day special presentation -- Brownman guests with the NINJA FUNK ORCHESTRA and then members of N.F.O. join Brown to form the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC NINJA TRIO - playing Brownman Electryc Trio tunes!!!  Do NOT miss this!)



More Brownman Electryc Trio
tour dates in support of
the release of Juggernaut
on Browntasauras Records

Please grab a copy at

Brown is focused heavily
on recording sessions:
He was, or is laying tracks in
studios with the following artists:
Nelly Furtado (pop)
Brownman Electryc Trio (electric jazz)
Shifty (hip-hop)
Shyann (neo-soul)
Strange Attractors (modern jazz)
Chiva (Colombian latin-jazz)
Josh Goodman (jazz)
Gerardo Brizuela (Latin house / electronica)
Trey Mills (singer/songwriter)
Rex Mann (folk)
Sheldon Barkley (Calypso)
Fernando Maar (jazz-rock)
Tia Brazda (singer/songwriter)
Jued (hip-hop)
John Eccelston (singer/songwriter)
Professor D (hip-hop)
Third Word (hip-hop)
Rikoshay (hip-hop)
Jason Wilson (progressive reggae)
CRUZAO (latin-jazz-urbania)

On Apr 19th, 2010 Keith "Guru" Elam died after a long battle with cancer.  Since 2006, Brownman has been touring as the featured soloist with Guru's Jazzmatazz, and appeared on Jazzmatazz Vol. 4

Visit the Guru & Brownman memorial page:

Guru & Brownman
- a brief history -

Guru and Brownman - Belgium

2006 ended for Brownman with the explosive "Jazz By Genre" presentation of legendary rapper of Jazzmatazz and Gangstarr fame - GURU, held in Toronto's revered Mod Club.  This could have been just another 'backing band for out-of-town act' session for the often called Trinidadian trumpeter, but the chemistry between Brown and Guru was evident even back then on their first meeting.  During that show Guru would push him out of his regular horn position to the front of the stage to solo while the hip-hop legend held a mic in front of his horn's bell.  This single performance would lead to a phone call from Guru's team a month later asking Brown if he was available to make an appearance on the upcoming 2007 release of 'Jazzmatazz Vol. 4', replacing the luminious Donald Byrd as the featured trumpet soloist.  Brown, accepting immediately, would write a special horn arrangement of "Universal Struggle" and solo throughout the tune.  In early Feb '07 he was again contacted by Guru's people, impressed by Brown's work on the track, to ask him to tour America for the release of JAZZMATAZZ VOL. 4.

Brownman soloing hard - Portugal (photo: Alexandre Vaz)

Since then Brownman has been touring the world as the featured soloist with GURU's JAZZMATAZZ as they brought their unique breed of jazz-hip-hop through The United States, Europe, Japan & South America. 

See extensive YouTube archive of tour footage.

In Jan 2010, Both Brownman & DJ DooWop left Jazzmatazz together, their exit precipitated by the often reported meglomaniacal ways of Solar - Guru's producer.  Guru had, over time, had slowly given up control of all affairs to Solar who, in turn, continued to abuse and manipulate the entire team, from Guru himself through the organization's entire infra-structure.

On Apr 19th, 2010 Keith "Guru" Elam died after a long battle with cancer.

For more on the fiasco behind Solar's dominance over Guru visit :  FuckSolar.com - a fan driven website dedicated to documenting Solar's downfall.

See Brownman's unabridged 3000 word interview with the Boston Phoenix, reprinted with permission by FuckSolar.com, where he details all he saw while with Jazzmatazz.

Guru and Brownman - Brazil

(by publicist Andrew McIntosh) :

On Nov 22nd, 2010 Brownman Ali was inducted into the WHOS WHO IN BLACK CANADA - the famous comprehensive national biographical directory & website of outstanding Black-Canadian achievers - alongside jazz legend Oliver Jones and former Governor General Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean.  This rather impressive look at this life, includes an interview, and embedded video from the BRAVO! Channel documentary on his life entitled "the life and times of Brown":
Artvoice magazine nominates
2010 Jazz Act of the Year
Brownman nonimated for a 2010
Toronto Independant Music Award w/ the
2010 Toronto Jazz Group of the Year
Brownman named
2009 Favourite Touring Soloist
(w/ Jazzmatazz) 
by London, UK's Jazz After Dark 
Brownman nonimated for a 2008
Toronto Independant Music Award w/ the
2008 Toronto Jazz Group of the Year
Brownman nonimated for a 2008
National Jazz Award w/ the
2008 Electric Jazz Group of the Year
(the group won in this category last year)
Brownman named Toronto's
NOW Magazine's
2007 Toronto Jazz Trumpeter of the Year
Featured cover story for the Oct/Nov 2007 issue
of CODA magazine, Canada's most acclaimed
jazz publication since 1958. 

Read the whole article
here (2.3meg PDF file)
After being nominated in 5 categories at the 2007 Canadian National Jazz Awards, the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO was honoured to have been awarded the 2007 National Jazz Award for Electric Jazz Group of the Year.  Thanks to all that voted!
Brownman was nominated for :
- Canadian National Jazz Composer of the Year
- Canadian National Jazz Musician of the Year
- Canadian National Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year
- Canadian National Latin-jazz Artist of the Year
- Canadian National Electric Group of the Year
    (w/ Brownman Electryc Trio)
Brownman asked to tour with legendary NYC hip-hop rapper Guru (of Gangstarr and Jazzmatazz fame).  After replacing the unavailable Roy Hargrove on Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 recording session (hits the store in June), Brownman was asked to tour America.  He departs June 9th for Zurich, Switzerland for 3 days of rehearsals before embarking on a blistering tour European tour before the U.S.A. tour dates being July 15.  Check out the tour dates:
Brownman was nominated for a 2006 Canadian National Jazz Award for "Latin-jazz Artist of the Year". The prize was awarded to the luminous and deserving Hilario Duran, but we at Brownman Music Inc. would like to thank all those who voted for this dynamic performer!
Shortly after returning from the last South American tour in Jan '06, the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO began a new jazz residency at Buffalo's ultra hip Allen St. Hardware Cafe... this residency will continue through summer and all of upstate NY is invited to join the party! 
No longer able to deny the undeniable - Brownman Music now has a MySpace.com page. There are 4 tunes and some video from CRUZAO is currently loaded (though they will be on weekly rotation), pics, and a ton more.  Feel free to drop in and make Brown your MySpace friend.
The AUDIO/VIDEO section at Brownman.com now has new audio up - as well as a 2 minute movie trailer from film maker Vitold Vidic's Documentary "CRUZAO: The Movie" which first aired at the 2005 Toronto film festival and documents the trials and tribulations of Brownman's struggle to get CRUZAO GRUPO MONSTRUOSO - the 15-man version of CRUZAO - prepped for it's inaugural performance at the 2004 Distillery Jazz Festival with the clocking ticking down and problems mounting. http://Brownman.com/pages-AudVid.htm  (Under VIDEO)
Brownman recently appointed to the Prague Jazz Open Festival's Board of Artistic Directors where his knowledge and expertise will aid in shaping the vision of the festival's 2006/2007 programming.
Brownman toured ARGENTINA for 3 weeks - beginning with the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival and includes feature concert presentations with some of Argentina's finest jazz and tango artists!  May 21 to June 15 2006 - arriving back in Toronto just in time to perform 8 times for the Toronto Jazz Festival.  More Argentine info as it comes in...
Collaborations seems to be the name of the game in 2006 and we'd like to mention some of those fantastic groups that have featured Brown in recent months: IRAKERE, CHISPA Y LOS COMPLICES, TUMBAO INC., DUB TRINITY, KUSH, FERTILE GROUND, SOULIVE, KOBOTOWN, KELLY LEE EVANS, MR. SOMETHING SOMETHING, METHODOLOGY, JAH-B, MAPALE, CHIVA, RITA DI GHENT & The SPRAWL PROJECT, AVE RD. & CESCO. All are world-class ensembles and we encourage those reading this to put their names into Google and check out their artistry.

(by publicist Andrew McIntosh) :
Brownman voted Toronto's 2005 BEST JAZZ ARTIST by NOW Magazine:


Errol Nazereth's feature article on FIVE WEEKS FOR MILES:

ALI BROS "mythological" Canada Day performance:

Interview with View Magazine (in depth)


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