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Brownman Ali- trumpet  (Trinidad)
Paul Morrison - rhodes (Canada)
Paco Luviano - bass (Mexico)
Amhed Mitchel - drums (Cuba)
This exciting Latin-jazz outfit delves deeply into both Cuban and Brazilian modern jazz traditions, modeled after the New York Latin-jazz spirit of Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band and featuring some of Toronto’s most acclaimed jazz and Latin music specialists, all under the direction of 2x National Jazz Award trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI (who also leads the much lauded Latin-jazz group CRUZAO, winners of the Montreal Jazz Fest's "Grand Prix Du Jazz Award").  The group is named after the Arecibo radio telescope housed in Puerto Rico – the largest radio telescope in the world, responsible for the deepest exploration of space mankind has achieved to date.  Energized, exploratory and thought-provoking, they are not to be missed!

Obsesión  (live recording - Nov.11, 2011 @ Pearl Company)
by Pedro Flores, popularized by Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band, arranged by Brownman

Mambo Jazz Plaza  (live recording - Nov.11, 2011 @ Pearl Company)
by Maraca, popularized by Maraca y Otra Visión, arranged by Brownman

Moliendo Cafe  (live recording - Nov.11, 2011 @ Pearl Company)
by Hugo Blanco, popularized by Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band, arranged by Brownman

*Thanks to Chris Smart at ctsmastering.com for this live recording.  This was recorded dead center, about fifteen feet from the band, using shirt-mounted DPA 4061 omnidirectional mics, Church Audio preamp > line in > Edirol R-09HR at 24-bit 96KHZ.  Slight equalization with 64-bit linear-phase EQ,  compressed with Cytomic Software's "the Glue" and limiting with Slate Digital FG-X.  DAW: Sonar Producer 8.5.  Editing in Sound Forge Pro 10.0.  Simulated analog sweetening by Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection (VCC). chris@ctsmastering.com

Live review of a concert on the Toronto: My Kind Of Town Blog
written by Jazz Blogger Conrad Gayle.

"Brownman Ali does it again being the great mastermind of creating bands as vehicles for his creative output. His unbridled versatility always pays huge dividends when he adapts and integrates his own unique jazz voice to straight ahead jazz, funk, hip-hop and Latin sounds, and this quartet is yet another example of his chameleon like abilities to fit into any mode of music. In Arecibo he has assembled a great band that brings all 4 of the forementioned elements together into a sound that - like the trumpet player himself - is one-of-a-kind with it's own special identity. His trumpet playing is full of fire, life, and vivacity. As I watch him play I feel pride in the fact that he is often considered Canada's answer to another great trumpeter and innovator -- Miles Davis. Though Brownman's own energized playing style is significantly different from Miles, his similarly driving need to push the envelope of the idioms he makes music in is always evident."

Other Arecibo alumni include: Max Senitt - drums, Joquin Hidalgo - drums, Ruddy Bolanos - bass, Dave Restivo - piano, Scott Metcalfe - piano

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