National Jazz Awards
Press Release - Sun Feb 24, 2002

25 year old Trinidadian born, Toronto-based trumpet player / composer Nick "The Brownman" Ali has been named the 2001 "Jazz Composer Of The Year" by the National Jazz Awards foundation making him the youngest award recipient at this 1st Annual prestigious awards ceremony.  He was also 1st runner-up to Kevin Turcotte for "Trumpet Player of the Year", and his latin-jazz-funk unit CRUZAO was 1st runner-up to Metalwood for "Electric Jazz Group Of The Year".

A busy year indeed for The Brownman.  2001 has seen him win the General Motors "Grand Prix De Jazz" Award at the Montreal Jazz Fest, CBC Galaxie Network's "Rising Star Award" and now the National Jazz Award for "Jazz Composer Of The Year".

Hear his acceptance Speech  from CBC's nation-wide broadcast :
Real Audio (569K) | MP3 (883K)

CBC Galaxie

Winner                                      + 1st runner up, 2nd runner up
Jazz Broadcaster of the Year

Ross Porter                               + Ted O’Reilly,  Katie Malloch
Jazz Festival of the Year

Montreal Jazz Fest                     + Toronto Downtown Jazz Fest, Vancouver Jazz Fest
Jazz Journalist of the Year

Mark Miller                                 + Geoff Chapman, Bill King
Jazz Producer of the Year

Jim West/Brigham Phillips         + Andre White, Scott Morin
Jazz Drummer of the Year

Terry Clarke                               + Barry Elmes, Norman Marshall Villenueve
Jazz Bassist of the Year

Dave Young/Steve Wallace          + Neil Swainson/Chris Tarry, Jim Vivian
Jazz Percussionist of the Year

Rick Lazar                                  + Sal Ferarras, Jack Duncan
Jazz Guitarist of the Year

Michael Occhipinti                      + Ed Bickert, Reg Schwager
Jazz Keyboardist of the Year

Dave Restivo                               + Oscar Peterson, D.D. Jackson
Jazz Trombonist of the Year 

Rob McConnell                           + Hugh Fraser, Ian McDougall
Jazz Trumpeter of the Year

Kevin Turcotte                             + Nick Ali, Brad Turner
Jazz Saxophonist of the Year

Mike Murley                                 + Andrew Rathbun, Campbell Ryga
Jazz Clarinetist of the Year

Phil Nimmons                              + Francois Houle, Bob DeAngelis
Jazz Violinist of the Year

Hugh Marsh                                 + Lenny Soloman, Jesse Zubot
Jazz Vocalist of the Year

Carol Welsman                            + Diana Krall, Andy Poole
Jazz Arranger of the Year

Rob McConnell                            + Michael Occhipinti, Brain Barlow
Jazz Composer of the Year

Nick Ali                                        + D.D. Jackson, Michael Occhipinti
Acceptance Speech  from CBC's nation-wide broadcast coverage : Real Audio (569K) | MP3 (883K)
Jazz Big Band of the Year

NOJO                                           + Rob McConnell & the Boss Brass, Rob McConnell Tentet
Socan Composer/Songwriter 

D.D. Jackson                                + Michael Occhipinti, Carol Welsman
Acoustic Group of the Year 

Barry Elmes Quintet                      + Samba Squad, Emile-Claire Barlow Group
Electric Group of the Year 

Metalwood                                    + Nick Ali & Cruzao, Montuno Police
Jazz Label of the Year 

Justin Time                                   + Verve, Effendi
Jazz Album of Year 

“Look of Love” Diana Krall           + “True Stories” Andrew Rathbun, “The Standard Sessions” Rita Di Ghent
                                                                                                          (Nick appears on Rita's recording)
International Jazz Musician of the Year 

Diana Krall                                   + John Scofield, Dave Douglas/ Dave Holland/ Charlie Haden 
Jazz Musician of the Year 

Diana Krall                                   + Brad Turner, Carol Welsman